9 Audition Do’s and Don’ts from Casting Director Anne Stone


Anne is a London based Producer specialising in commercials, online content and light entertainment television. Anne has over 20 years’ experience in documentary, factual, music, reality and live television, working on programmes for ITV, BBC and C4.

She specialises in casting real people and Actors for adverts, TV and online content, and has most recently cast for commercials such as Iceland, Very, and Matalan.

Here are Anne’s top do’s and don’ts when attending a casting:


1. Always Turn Up

You never know who you will meet at an audition and what it might lead to. Even if you know you are not right for the part, still take this opportunity and run with it. There is nothing more disappointing and frustrating for a Casting Agent than no-shows. You’re letting yourself down. Make the most of every opportunity. The Casting Director has invited you along as they have seen something in you. Believe in yourself!


2. Never Be Late!

If you have managed to secure an audition, make sure you leave plenty of time to get there. Arrive early and use that time to calm your nerves and prepare yourself for the part.


3. Always Say Hello

It’s important to introduce yourself to the panel interviewing you. Show off your personality at any opportunity. It helps if you come across as likeable and easy going.


4. Stand Out

You may only have three minutes to impress, but you can leave a good impression with the Casting Director. You might not be right for the part this time, but you want them to remember you in the future for other roles.


5. Nerves

Everyone gets nervous but try to not show it, as it will lose you parts. Be confident and believe in yourself. You have only a short time to impress, so pull yourself together and use that nervous energy in your performance.


6. Be Yourself

Be proud of who you are. Casting Directors love meeting people of all shapes, sizes and colours. Being an individual and unique is usually what they are looking for so show yourself off.


7. Dress The Part

If the brief says 1960’s, turn up with 60’s hair and make up. You don’t have to be in full costume, but it helps the director and can in turn help you get the part. Always pay attention to the brief, and that effort you put in can really pay off.


8. Energy

When you meet people, in just a few seconds they will feed off your energy. So try to be upbeat and positive when you first enter the room.


9. Thank You

Always say thank you when you leave the audition. This is another way to show you are well mannered and it will be appreciated.

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