Apps for Actors

They say there’s an app for everything these days. So we’ve rounded up our top apps that are designed especially for performers! Take a look at these and get ready to download!

1. Off Book

If you struggle to get your lines learnt quickly, try this app. Designed by an actor, it’s easy to navigate and allows you to load in your scenes, record lines and add extra characters. If your lines are in the wrong order, you simply drag and drop to reorder them, plus in the ‘rehearse’ mode, you can mute your lines allowing you to run scenes in real-time. Plus it’s free. Brill!!/id921046788?mt=8


2. We Rehearse

If however you prefer running lines with a real life person, then WeRehearse is the app for you. Share your scripts, and then submit a request for a scene partner. You’ll be presented with a list of options and simply choose the partner you’d like to work with and a video chat will start, allowing you to connect with a fellow performer. Then start running your lines! How cool is that?!


3. The Accent Kit

This app is invaluable when a role requires you to master a new accent. The app has an ‘accent store’, each dialect featuring both a male and female speaker for you to listen to. Download the ones you need, and build your own accent library and use the record feature to create practice files for yourself. The app takes you through the key elements needed to get to grips with a new accent- free speech, foundations, vowels, consonants and some practice text for you. Blooming marvellous.


4. Shoeboxed

Keeping on top of your expenses as a performer can be tricky and before you know it, you’re drowning in boxes full of receipts trying to get your tax return done before January 31st. A receipt tracking app could be the answer! Simply take a photo of your receipt and this clever app will extract all the information off it- the vendor, the amount and the date, and will then allow you to create easy reports, helping you to keep on top of your expenses. Easy peasy!


5. StarNow Audition Finder

Keep hungry and keep applying for work. This app makes it easy to keep motivated, and apply for auditions. New castings are added all the time, and once you’ve uploaded your headshot and CV, you’re ready to start submitting yourself for auditions. Hustle baby, hustle!


What apps would you recommend for performers?


by Katie Brennan

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