It’s Okay to Have a Cry

Okay. Let’s talk frankly. None of us got into this business for an easy life, or to be rich and famous. If you want that, I can point you in the direction of X Factor and Big Brother applications. We are always aware that the acting industry is tough and full of hard knocks. And we tackle it head on, we develop skin as thick as rhino hide, and we become experts at staying positive and keeping motivated.

But the truth is, sometimes the constant rejection does wears you down. If you’re having a run of precious audition after precious audition and yet still not landing a job it, it gets harder to keep a sunny disposition. You can read every motivational quote available on Pinterest to try and keep yourself going but to be honest, sometimes it’s okay to feel a bit crappy and have a bit of a whinge. Being rejected is never easy, especially when you put every scrap of energy you can into something and have the prospect of bills to pay too.

I know how hard it is when you know you’re right for something, you work so hard, learning everything for the audition, smash it when you’re in front of the panel and yet don’t even get recalled. It is hard to accept but the real, uncaring truth about the industry is that no-one really even cares how hard you work or talented you are. It’s about a plethora of things which are out of your control. What you look like, whether someone who’s played the role before is available, whether the director has worked with another performer before who’s also in the running – I could go on. The amount of times I’ve heard from my agent, “They said you gave a great audition and they really liked you BUT…” and my heart sinks once again. I can’t decide whether it’s a good or bad thing if it’s out of your control – on the plus side, at least it’s nothing you did wrong or messed up, on the down side it’s nothing you can improve on.

And yet, we stay. We keep hurling ourselves full throttle at the often impenetrable wall of the industry, giving every shred of ourselves we can; our skills, our hearts and, more often than not, our better judgement. But this is important – just because we chose this career, doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to express our frustration at the routine cruelty of it too. So, yeah. Have a cry, have a rant, have a stiff drink, then read a bunch of motivational quotes and carry on. And let’s not be afraid to talk about how we really feel, okay?

by Katie Brennan

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