Moving Forward into the Best Year of your Career

The bit between Christmas and New Year is always a funny period. Christmas is over, but it feels like we’re treading water a bit until the fireworks bang, Big Ben chimes and January begins. So, why not use the time to make some plans on how to hit the ground running and make 2017 the best year of your career to date?

  • Book New Headshots
    First step is to make sure your headshot is working for you. If it’s looking a little dated and isn’t a good representation of what you actually look like anymore, it’s definitely time to get some new ones. And the key to make them the best set yet? Research! Spend a good amount of time actually looking at the work of various headshot photographers, talking to your friends about their experiences and talk to the photographers themselves too. A great headshot is about finding a photographer who you feel comfortable with, as well as one with great skills behind the lens.
  • Get a new agent
    Be honest with yourself – is being with your current agent providing you with the best career opportunities? If not, that’s okay! The relationship between you and your agent can change and you have to remember to put yourself as a business first. If you’re just not getting the auditions you want, or being submitted for the type of work you want to be doing, then that business relationship isn’t working. Be brave and put yourself out there to find one that does work for both parties.
  • Make sure all your profiles are up to date
    Clean up your online casting profiles on all websites. Remove any old photos, add new production shots, ensure credits are up to date and any details of upcoming work.
  • Get a copy of the Surviving Actors Manual
    Our friends at Surviving Actors have a great manual for any jobbing actor worth their salt. It’s basically a one stop shop for a brilliant guide to the industry, covering a multitude of topics, offering advice and suggesting people to contact and work with. Get a copy here and make it your new bible.
  • Sign up for some classes
    If you’ve got some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket, then look at signing up for some new classes to polish up on a skill you feel needs a bit of TLC. If you’re struggling to pick up choreography quickly in dance calls, get to Pineapple, book in for a vocal workout with your singing teacher, or if your monologues need freshening up, take a look at the Actors Centre to see what classes are running come January.
  • Learn a new skill
    The more skills you have, the more employable you are. That’s a fact. So why not make this the year you learn something new that adds another string to your bow when it comes to performing? For example, horse-riding, stage combat, circus skills, puppetry- there’s SO many options, and opens up your cast-ability to new horizons!Now, go out and smash 2017! We can’t wait. Happy New Year!

by Katie Brennan

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