Must-Read Books for any Actor

We asked our network of actors what books they have found particularly useful or inspiring for their craft and their careers. Here’s what they said!

  • A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston
    “An inspiring read for actors, as Cranston tells his story of the success a clear mindset, goal and undeniable motivation can achieve.” – John Tueart @jtueart

  • The Golden Rules of Acting by Andy Nyman
    “A handy book of wee reminders that suggest how we over-think stuff as actors and can sweat the small stuff over things like not getting jobs. This book does a great job of reminding us not to take it personally, which is so easy to forget.” – Ian Mowat @IMowat

  • Different Every Night by Mike Alfred
    “I find the exercises useful for character building as well as different ways of approaching scenes/characters/emotions both as an actor and as a director/facilitator.” – Katherine Lunney @allthingsdrama

  • About Acting by Peter Barkworth
    “ I love this. Barkworth is incredibly unpretentious, although his stuff about improv is a little insane!”- Alec Mann

  • With Nails by Richard E Grant
    “All of Richard E Grants books are very honest and hilarious accounts of how he’s seen the acting world over the years and has big fat dollops of wisdom all over the place.”- Jessica Duncan @jessicaduncan91

  • Year of the King by Anthony Sher
    “An absolute classic. Riveting look at how this incredible actor developed and created his infamous portrayal of Richard III.” – Katie Brennan @katie_brennan

  • At Left Brain Turn Right by Anthony Meindl
    “I really like the way this is written. It’s more of a mindset for Actors to help them to be truthful in the work, and consequently in life.” – Faith Knight @FaithKnightAct

  • Singing and the Actor by Gillyanne Kayes
    “This is a great resource for singing actors, at any level. It gives really accessible technical insight which I think makes a lot of sense. It’s a great resource for MT actors, actors who sing and actors who don’t but are interested in their voice and technique.” – Aaron Prior @aaronprior

What books would you recommend for fellow actors?

by Katie Brennan

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