Colette Redgrave Interview – Showcase Success

Colette Redgrave starred in the Casting Days September 2015 Showcase and went on to gain signing offers from two different agents as a result. Colette is currently promoting her new one-woman show, which promises to be an evening of song, laughter and flat-out fun.

Colette re-invents her popular sell out show #Cabaret. The evening takes a close look at social media and the positives and negatives on our lives by incorporating songs, parody and comedy along with social comment. As always, Colette will donate a minimum of £1.00 per ticket sold to The Hospice in The Weald.

We at Casting Days asked her a few questions about her upcoming show:

Casting Days: The title of your show on October 14th is #Cabaret: An Evening of Social Media, Satire and Song”. Should the audience come ready to tweet, post, Instagram, hashtag & blog to their hearts’ content?

Colette Redgrave: Absolutely and tune in to the live stream!

CD: The Pheasantry is the most gorgeous art deco space. Have you performed there before?

CR: This will be my first, but I have seen fabulous artists such as Maria Friedman there and can’t quite believe I have been given the opportunity!


CD: Will you be bringing those Redgrave acting skills to the stage?

CR: Of course dharling!


CD: The show publicity promises songs from Avenue Q and West Side Story. We’re excited. Any other titbits you might want to tempt us with?

CR: I love to Parody well known songs but I have mixed up this show with some jazz standards and also some Off-Broadway songs for a bit of contrast.


CD: What’s your Twitter handle & does your show have a hashtag? 

CR: @ColetteRedgrave #Cabaret

PNG Flyer Cabaret
Find out more about Colette at her website or on Facebook or Twitter.
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