Director & Actor Showcase Interviews

Following the success of our February showcase, we interviewed showcase actor Luke Lane and showcase director Alex Parsonage on their thoughts on another successful Casting Days showcase:

Casting Days: Can you tell us a bit about your experience of the Showcase and the process leading up to it?

Luke Lane: It was great, I was surprised how relaxed the whole thing was. It was fantastic having the email group as an opportunity to chat to everyone. It’s already networking in itself. I just moved to London, so a network is important for me.

Casting Days: How did you find the group?

Luke Lane: It’s great to get to meet people on the same wavelength even though we’re all from different backgrounds. The space that we’re given to perform in is great as well, it gives you the freedom to do what you want.

Casting Days: How do you think the Showcase will help your career?

Luke Lane: I just finished my Masters in Theatre at Exeter University. I wanted to be seen by people so that I can refer to something. This is the starting point of making contacts. It’s the first point of presenting yourself to agents and casting directors. The workshops were very useful too. I felt like I had a reason to be there. It’s great because everyone is different and the range of people is so diverse, which is great in a group.

Casting Days: Thanks Luke. We look forward to hearing your success stories.

Casting Days: Alex, can you tell us about your busy role as Theatre Director and your experiences of coming to direct showcases for Casting Days?

Alex Parsonage: I started working on the Showcases for Casting Days back in 2011. It’s been about 4 years now. We’ve put in a lot of tweeks over the past few years to how it’s run so it works like a well oiled machine. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with young performers at the beginning of their careers and meet some incredibly exciting people. It’s a great challenge for me as a director to work on so many different styles of theatre in one day. It’s like the extreme sports of theatre. I’m thrown in at the deep end at the beginning of the day as I don’t really have an idea of who’ll I’ll be meeting so it requires me to gauge exactly what the actor needs at the time in order for me to help them and for everyone it’s completely different. I have a strong background in visual theatre. My training is very much in physical theatre, devising and storytelling. There’s a lot of improvisation in my style of work which is why I find it quite easy to respond to whatever I’m given in the moment rather than having a set plan.

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