James Ruskin – Showcase Experience

James Ruskin starred in our November 2014 showcase. We at Casting Days asked him a few questions about being a part of a Casting Days showcase. Here’s what he had to say:

What did you get out of the showcase?

I think that I most enjoyed the feeling of having put on a good show for the audience, having the sense that I had prepared well and delivered on the day and that everyone else had too.  A lot of credit also has to go to Alex Parsonage [the Director] for this.

What was the highlight of doing the showcase?

I was really surprised with how efficiently everything was done: with how Alex was able to help us so much in such a relatively short space of time during rehearsal and with the well-paced organisation of the showcase itself through to the tech rehearsal.  I also found Felicity’s letter writing workshop really helpful.

Your thoughts on the process and experience?

The only thing that I would have preferred to be different was the size of the turnout, which was still quite reasonable and did not feel small in the venue.  I think everyone did their best to get people there, so really we have nothing to regret looking back.

Which industry members were you most excited about attending the showcase?

I was really excited to have professionals there who were representing organisations with such a good reputation.  It was great to have someone from ‘Simon and How’ in the audience and to have someone from ‘Sell A Door’.

Would you recommend Casting Days?

Absolutely.  At the end of the day, no one can determine what opportunities will come your way from doing a Casting Days showcase but from my experience you will definitely work with talented, professional people and you will have fun doing good work.

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