Kathryn Hopkinson – Showcase Actress

Kathryn Hopkinson took part in our Casting Days showcase in July 2015 and we caught up with her to ask her a few quick questions about her experience:

CD: What led you to want to be a part of a showcase?

KH: I had been out of drama school almost a year and although I have worked since then, I felt I was much better prepared to face the industry now. I was looking for a well respected showcase in which to present myself again.

CD: Who do you think could benefit from taking part in a showcase?

KH: Any actor could benefit from a showcase. It is a great way to refocus yourself and meet other actors. It is a lovely way to become inspired again.

CD: What was the highlight for you?

The highlight for me was meeting other actors and discovering new methods of working together. I also really enjoyed working with Alex Parsonage, our director.

CD: How has the showcase helped you professionally?

KH: So far, professionally the showcase has helped me to create new contacts and kept me creatively engaged.

CD: What were the most important things that you got from being a part of the showcase?

KH: The best skill I took from the showcase was the letter writing aspect. Before I had found it relatively difficult to contact industry memebers but, following a letter writing workshop led by Felicity Jackson, which formed part of the showcase package, I am now extremely confident in my communications. 

Kathryn HopkinsonKathryn Hopkinson

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