Norah Bonsra – Showcase Interview

Norah Bonsra starred in our July 2015 showcase. We at Casting Days asked her a few quick-fire questions about her thoughts on the Showcase experience:

CD: What led you to want to be a part of a showcase?

NB: I went away for a while so I thought this was a great way to get back into the business and also to meet other people in the industry.

CD: Who do you think could benefit from taking part in a showcase?

NB: Drama school graduates or anyone who is trying to get back into the industry. It’s a great way to showcase your talent.

CD: What was the highlight for you?

NB: Rehearsing our pieces and putting all my hard work onto the stage in front of the industry guests.

CD: How has the showcase helped you professionally?

NB: It has given me new contacts in the industry and made me aware of other upcoming productions through social media.

CD: What were the most important things you got from being a part of the showcase experience?

NB: How to approach agents, casting directors and other industry professionals. I also found Felicity’s letter writing workshop was really helpful and useful in showing me how to write to agents and casting directors with the maximum impact.

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