Showcase Luke McLeod Actor Interview

Luke Macleod took part in our Casting Days showcase in May 2017. We caught up with him to ask a few quick questions about his experience:

CD: What made you want to be a part of a Casting Days showcase? 

LM:  I wanted another opportunity to work towards where I could meet new people, get on my feet to perform and potentially have some form of career benefit at the end. It was also good practice to establish and maintain industry contacts.


CD: Who do you think could benefit from taking part in a showcase?

LM:  I think there are very few who wouldn’t benefit, whether just starting out or coming back from a break. It’s yet another opportunity to be seen, to lead on to other projects, and to practice and hone your work as both actor and as your own PR manager.


CD: What was the highlight for you?

LM:  The day itself! The Jermyn Street Theatre was a great space I hadn’t been to before, and I will most likely return soon. The love for the opportunity to perform doesn’t go away so the day itself was a rewarding culmination of hard work.


CD: How has the showcase helped you professionally?

LM:  It’s helped me redevelop my approach to addressing members of the industry across a wide spectrum, in a concise and clear manner that’s going to be a lot more useful when addressing invitations for shows in the future.


CD: What were the most important things you got from being a part of the showcase experience? 

LM: The opportunity to work with new actors from varied backgrounds was important – I was just coming out of drama school and only knew actors in my own ‘bubble’ so to speak, so to branch out from that early on was a useful experience.


CD: Would you recommend the Casting Days showcase to other actors, and why?

LM: If you have time to commit, an idea of who you want to target, and know exactly what it is you are looking to achieve, then by all means go for it.


CD: What do you plan to do next?

LM: I plan to hunker down and work on some writing, and enter for the Monologue Slam next month with a self-written piece.

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