Tamera Stradis Showcase Experience

Tamera Stradis starred in our September 2014 showcase and was signed by an agent shortly after the show. We at Casting Days asked her a few questions about her experience and her success in gaining an agent through our showcase. Here’s what she had to say:

What did you get out of the showcase?

The showcase was brilliant for many reasons. It allowed me to understand how to approach industry professionals and it gave me the opportunity to network with them, which was an invaluable experience. I made new friends who share my passion and determination to succeed and to top it off I gained representation from Comedy Actors London!

What was the highlight of doing the showcase?

The highlight of doing the showcase was the rehearsal process and working in detail on a monologue and duologue. I love exploring new text and bringing it to life. It was great from start to finish. Finding the text, pulling it apart and then making it into a live performance. The added bonus was having a great duologue partner.

Your thoughts on the process and experience?

The process and experience was supportive and fun. It was amazing to be able to send an email at any point, with any question and to be given advice from people who understand the industry a lot more than I do! The letter writing workshop with Felicity was truly invaluable as was the experience of performing in front of agents and casting directors.

Which industry members were you most excited about attending the showcase?

I was very excited about Comedy Actors London, Simon & How and MSFT Management attending the showcase, as they all represent a high level of talent.

Would you recommend Casting Days?

I would highly recommend Casting Days. I gained invaluable experience, friends, an opportunity to perform in a central London theatre, the opportunity to work with a professional director, the chance to network with industry professionals and most of all I succeeded in my mission to gain representation! It was a brilliant experience and very worthwhile.

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